There are endless options for customization of a Coppley Custom Suit, including functional surgeon cuffs, custom lining, buttons and AMF stitching as well as monogramming on the interior pocket.

When going through the process of Coppley made-to-measure, you first select the best fitting Coppley model, and can then make adjustments to best suit your individual needs. Fit adjustments including the slope and structure of the shoulder, drop, vents, and cuffs of the jacket; as well as waist, rise, seat, stride and hem adjustments of the pant. Our expert associates will guide you through the adjustments that suits you best and will deliver a perfect fit.

Once you have the fit your desire, there are also customizable details to consider. For instance:

What type of lapel do you want?
Would you like any additional pockets or belt loops?
Would you like custom buttons or AMF stitching?
Would you prefer a different lining?
Would you like your name or even a nickname monogrammed on the interior pocket?

These fine details can help you express your individuality and make your suit truly one-of-a-kind.

September 14, 2023 — Lift Interactive Inc.